Foresight is the most preferred service provider for Chemical and Commodity Manufacturing Industries. In addition to providing end-to-end supply chain solutions for raw materials and other input materials, Foresight also offers specialized chemical process technology, product development support, raw material usage guidance and complete hand holding to manufacturers from conceptualization to market.


Foresight has tie ups with different application and testing labs in Europe, North America, Middle East, Far East and the Indian Subcontinent. These tie ups equip Foresight with unbeatable competitive advantage over other players in the same area of business.


Long term strategic partnerships of Foresight with raw material producers / suppliers ensures assured allocation of key materials and thus Foresight is always at the forefront in catering to the needs of its customers whenever and wherever required. Foresight’s sourcing partners are in Oil & Gas, Chemical, Mining and other similar industries, located across the globe. The key customers of Foresight are manufacturers of Cement and Steel, Chemicals, Paints, Adhesives and Specialty Pharmaceutical Intermediates.  

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